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Group Cycling - Our Flagship and Most Popular Modality!

An intense but low-impact workout, it’s suitable to all fitness levels, as participants may ride at their own pace. The classes are lead by certified group cycling instructors, who take you through an energizing ride filled with various drills and music to fire you up! Our cycling class is adaptable to both indoor and outdoor environments - anywhere from parks, outdoor shopping malls, to schools and corporate settings.



  The ultimate way to burn fat! It's not a cycle class. It's not strength training. It's not yoga. It's ALL of them! Participants enjoy a few rounds of a cycle and strength circuit, followed by a thorough cool-down of light yoga moves. As with all CSS classes, all ages and fitness levels welcome! 



  Video and music combined! This instructor-led (but not instructor-focused) class gives your body an excellent cardio and core workout while your mind is elsewhere. Traditional indoor cycling classes have always been you, the instructor, and music. We thought it was time for something more.  



   A must for total-body conditioning! CSSbodyWorks is a supreme fat burner and gets your body fit for any sport or activity.  Challenge yourself with balance, coordination, strength and core training moves, always wrapped up with a thorough stretch. Most workouts involve only bodyweight.



In this physical movement and meditative session, you’ll begin by grounding yourself to the present moment, enabling you to be within yourself. Your guide will help you to focus on breath and the form and integrity of each posture while providing hands-on, tactile feedback throughout the session. You’ll move into a more deliberate cardio and strength workout accompanied by energizing and powerful music. Class will then flow into short stretching and meditation mode, leaving you feeling rejuvenated, with new perspective. 

Our Services

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• Personal training 

• Small Group training

• Easy intro to fitness

• Fat loss/weight reduction

• Muscle mass building

• Lean muscle toning

• Functional fitness training

• Sport-specific conditioning

• Flexibility training

• Cardiovascular conditioning

• Improve balance

• Senior programs

• Nutritional counseling