Do You Have a Culture of Fitness?

So here’s the problem. You understand the value of having healthy employees, but have struggled to find a measurable path to get there. You bought them gym memberships or even invested in your own on-site fitness facility, but the only people that take advantage of it are those who are already fit!

You can provide all the programs, equipment and incentives you want, but until you are able to breed a Culture of Fitness, you are not likely to be successful. We’ve seen it. And we’ve helped change it.

At CSS Group Fitness, we start by bringing our group exercise program to your workplace and engaging those employees that are already on their own path to fitness. Then our work begins. Through our Employee Outreach programs, special events, and incentives, we engage people at all levels of fitness and educate them. We don’t lecture or judge them. We show them the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and take the fear out of starting on that path.

Invite us in to talk about it. The beauty of what we do is that it doesn’t cost you a thing. You’re already spending the money on health insurance costs and lost productivity. Even better, stick with us and we’ll improve your top and bottom lines. This is no joke. A healthier workforce is more productive, on many levels. And they’re happier.

Call or text Wayne Snyder, founder and owner, right now. 610-417-6922.

Wayne lived in your world for 30 years and understands your challenges. You’ll have to leave a message because he doesn’t spend all day by the phone. That’s not how you help people. But he’ll get back to you really quickly…